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The Mobberley Miniatures

Get To Know Us

danny boy pic.jpg

Danny Boy

The one and only Danny Boy!

Danny Boy joined my family just before Christmas 2018. He is 12 years old and is a very unusual colour, he is a mouse dun and has a dorsal stripe along his back. I saw him advertised one evening and drove up the M6 the following morning to view him. As soon as we saw him we knew he would be perfect to join our family. Danny has exceeded all expectations. He is just fabulous. He has been used in therapy, birthday parties, christenings, he goes to the beach, round the roads, he has even appeared in a Warner Bros music video for the 'Goodboys'. He is also set to star in a popular reality television series very soon. His favourite things are little people and carrots! He loves having his pamper sessions and often dozes off. He really is a mothers dream, and you cannot help but love him.

harri pic.jpg


Hyploxyn de caux

Harri (Hyploxyn de caux) was born in France and was imported to the UK. We purchased Harri from one of the best breeders of Shetland ponies. Harri caught my eye instantly with his unique colouring. He is just one of three mushroom shetlands in the UK. He has a handful of foals that were born in 2021. Harri was born in 2017, so is still fairly young, but already is following in Danny's footsteps. He has been part of my daughters birthday parties, along with Danny, he has visited grandparents and offered great therapy alongside Danny. He also took part in a new music video produced by Warner brothers 'Bongo Cha Cha Cha' by the Goodboys. He loves little people and carrots! Harri is an absolute gem, and is every childs dream pony. He is truly wonderful.


Flash Jack

A beautiful miniature gypsy cob

Flash Jack joined our family in early spring, 2021. We purchased Jack from one of Europe's finest breeders of miniature gypsy cobs. Jacks sire (dad) has been part of the Guiness advert and now lives in America.  

We bought Jack for our daughters to progress with after our two shetlands, Danny and Harri. 

Jack is 11hh and is 4 years old and is blue roan and white in colour - he is quite unusual like our two shetland ponies. Jack loves everyone he meets, and has the most gorgeous temperament. It is a dream to have him as part of our family. His favourite thing to do is have a leisurley hack down to the local pub, with half a pint of guiness. 


Milky Bar

Probably the most beautiful realistic unicorn on earth!

Milky Bar joined us in Spring 2022 and is stunning! He is almost pure pearly white, half blue eyes and abundance of hair down to his nose and knees!
He is 6 years old and is available for parties, lessons and childrens lessons! We hope you love him as much as we do. H


Sun Dance

A Buckskin Miniature gypsy cob

Our beautiful pony Sun Dance joined us in May this year and we are delighted with him. He can perform a few tricks. he can drive (a Carriage/cart) and is probably one of the most beautiful ponies I have come across.
He is just under 12hh and was born in 2018. 
Sun Dance was added to the licence in September and is now available for lessons and parties! He is a great pony especially if you are thinking of a spirit riding free party.



Job Title

Hi, I'm Becky and I am the owner of the ponies and will be the one who brings the ponies to the events, along with one or two of my lovely helpers.  I live in Mobberley with my husband, our two young daughters and our boxer dog. I adore all my family and animals and I can't wait for you to meet the Mobberley Miniatures and all they have to offer. 

A bit about me; I am a mum of two daughters who are 4 years old and 2 years old, they keep me pretty busy along with the animals and horses at the farm.

I am a professional Dressage rider and have completed the British Horse society exams, and I am also a British Dressage qualified UKCC coach. I regularly go out and compete my own horses and have qualified for young horse championships and the British Dressage National Championships. 

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