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My Pampered Unicorn and Princess Party

Aimed at children over 5

This is a brand new party package we have designed, held at Mobberley Miniatures. (We also offer a mobile version) We are really excited to introduce this package! This is a non riding party package, with the option to add pony rides on, subject to age/weight. If you have a child who adores ponies and loves to be pampered then this package is for you!


Up to 6: £250

Each additional child there after (Max of 12: £25

Add rides: £10 per child

Whats included:

Pony Pamper

Meet the ponies - Guests arrive and are introduced to the ponies.

Brushing Then its time to bring the ponies out and begin the pampering session. Each child will have a brush to make the pony glisten.

Spritz and Spray - Lotions and potions ready to get these ponies gleaming!

Hoof paint - Paint their hooves in glitter.

Ribbons - Time to decorate the ponies in ribbons and bows and a few plaits. 

After this its time to pop the ponies away and begin the pamper session for all the party guests.


If you would like to add rides, these are £10 per child. 

Rides will take place after the pony pamper, and before the children's pamper.

Children's pamper

Mini toadstool tree stumps  -Gather around our new enchanted pamper set up and get ready for a pamper

Staff - Staff will be dressed in our 'beauty' outfits to give your guests a realistic experience.

Foot soak- the unicorns haven't quite disapeared as they bring you some coloured foot soak in unicorn colours.

Unwind - Mini facials and cucumbers at the ready (Child friendly products)

Nails- The ponies have had their hooves painted, now its time to have your nails painted! (child friendly products)

Sparkles - Face/arm paint / face/arm glitter at the ready for a gorgeous creation.

As well as this, the teepee picnic set up is included for your guests to enjoy a delightful picnic together. This will be decorated and all paper plates etc are included. 

Bell tent: Add a bell tent for an extra £65

Food: Food is not included. 

We provide complimentary juice/water and have tea/coffee making facilities. 

My Pampered Unicorn and Princess Party: About Us
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