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My Miniature Unicorn/Pony experience

Your own enchanted fairytale

We are excited to introduce our new and exciting unicorn experience! This is the perfect solution to those not wanting a birthday party but still wanting to do something extra special by themselves or with family and friends.. 

When: Please get in touch to secure your date

Duration: 60 Minutes

Where: Mobberley Miniatures

Cost: £90 per child 

2nd child £45


Rainbow hair unicorn: £20 (please specify the colour you would like)

Pegasus: £10

Ponies: Maximum of 2 children per pony. Maximum of 2 ponies. 

The Unicorn experience is a personal session that is perfect for a unique and magical birthday surprise. 

Its hard to put into words how brilliant these are, but they really are magical and give your child a taste of owning their very own unicorn. 

  • Meet the residents of mobberley miniatures -Begin the session meeting some of the ponies , followed by meeting your own unicorn, and getting to know him. 

  • Unicorn handling - Lead your Unicorn out of the stable

  • Pamper session -Pamper and brush your unicorn.

  • Dress up - Decorate your unicorn in a variety of ribbons and bows. 

  • Painting -Paint his hooves in unicorn glitter.

  • Unicorn riding - Enjoy a magical ride on your unicorn with plenty of photo opportunities. The ride lasts approx 20 minutes and they will learn a few unicorn tricks along their way.

  • Unicorn bedtime - After you have finished riding, its time to put him back in his stable and give him a special treat to find.

  • Gift: Includes a special gift for your child.

  • Facepaint - Get creative and enjoy a magical facepainting creation to finish the day.

This experience is a very popular choice for those who are not looking to host a birthday party, but would love something more personal for a special birthday treat.

My Miniature Unicorn Experience: About Us
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